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October 2019
Horizont and Patchwork for clarinet, soprano saxophone and cello
(from Duo Sonata)

July 2019
Duo Sonata for clarinet and cello
(1. Horizont - 2. Short serenade - 3. Patchwork)

May 2019
Dialogue for oboe and alto saxophone

April 2019
Duets for two clarinets
downloaded 42 times

October 2018
How does the brass shine? for brass and percussion ensemble
downloaded 31 times
Petrozavodsk (Russia), 30/03/2019
Italian-Russian Ensemble
R. Basile (cond.)
March 2018
Three sketches for piano six hands
(1. Curtain - 2. Dewdrops - 3. The ground)
downloaded 126 times
Napoli, 20/04/2018
A. de Vero,
G. Campisi
October 2017
Three different days for baritone saxophone and piano (or chamber orchestra)
(1. A circular day - 2. A linear day - 3. A backward day)
to Alexandr Devyatko
downloaded 80 times
Petrozavodsk (Russia), 15/06/2019
A. Devyatko (sax)
August 2017
Solo Sonata for solo alto saxophone
downloaded 295 times

May 2017
Trio Sonata for flute, clarinet and bassoon
(1. Puppets - 2. From Dawn till Dusk - 3. El Ballarak)
downloaded 196 times

April 2017 Quartet for saxophone quartet

downloaded 209 times
Petrozavodsk (Russia), 04/11/2017
Karelian saxophone Quartet
(Talitsky, Vasilyeva-Bardakova,
Yampolsky, Devyatko)

August 2015

Three pieces for clarinet, cello and piano
(1. Like a Tango - 2. Like an Adagio - 3. Like a Scherzo)

downloaded 458 times

August 2015

Sonata for alto saxophone and accordion

downloaded 460 times

July 2015

Respect inside of us - suite (soudtrack) for violin, clarinet, alto saxophone, accordion and piano

October 2014

Short piece for alto saxophone and accordion

downloaded 421 times

September 2014

The square for soprano saxophone, alto saxophone and piano

downloaded 605 times

Palermo, 09/12/2014
Trio Angesa:
G. Baghchighi (sax s.),
S. Barberi (sax c.),
M. A. Liberto (pf)

September 2013

South wind for flute, alto saxophone, cello and double bass

downloaded 299 times

String quintet version (January 2019)
downloaded 40 times

February 2013

Cinque pezzi for piano
(1. preludio - 2. toccata - 3. intermezzo - 4. lullaby - 5. perpetuum mobile)

downloaded 287 times

Bari, 24/04/2013
B. Gambino (pf)

February 2012

Sonata for flute, clarinet and piano

downloaded 534 times

Denver, CO (USA) 01/03/2015
K. Lopez (fl),
A. Razey (cl),
J. Wehe (pf)

November 2011

Milonga y Danza for bass clarinet and six strings bass guitar

Denver, CO (USA) 26/02/2012
Duo Madera Dulce

July 2011

Sonata for trumpet and piano

downloaded 437 times

March 2011

Leçon de tango for soprano saxophone and accordion

downloaded 649 times

Sortino, 12/06/2011
C. Marino (sax),
F. Barberi (fs)

December 2010

Eceba for flute and harpsichord

Bologna, 16/01/2011
Duo Novecembalo

December 2010

The colours for piano four hands

downloaded 303 times

Napoli, 18/04/2011
G. Campisi (pf),
A. de Vero (pf)

October 2010

Souvenir d'Italie for saxophone quartet

downloaded 797 times

Petrozavodsk, (Russia), 12/11/2016
Karelian saxophone Quartet
(Talitsky, Vasilyeva-Bardakova,
Yampolsky, Devyatko)

September 2010

Short Mass for mixed choir and eight saxophones

downloaded 401 times


Palermo, 12/05/2018
A. Capobianco, R. La Corte, K. Prestia (sopr),
V. Puleo. M. G. Infantino (ten),
S. Gaglio (pf),
S. Costa (perc)

November 2009

Christmas Carol for children choir and string quartet (lyrics by Claudia Giurintano)

Palermo, 19/12/2009
G. Gioia (dir)

June 2009

Almost Tango for saxophone quartet

downloaded 1039 times

Version for clarinet quartet

downloaded 498 times


S. Teresa di Gallura, 27/08/2009
Quartetto di sassofoni Arcadia

April 2009

Mirrors for bass clarinet and soudtrack

downloaded 309 times

download the soundtrack

Palermo, 29/04/2009
G. Gioia (cl b)

April 2009

Tre preludi all'Arte della Fuga for flute, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone and marimba

downloaded 458 times

Messina, 27/05/2009

April 2008

Madrugada for soprano saxophone and guitar

downloaded 592 times

Irvine (California), 23/02/2011
K. Zhang (cl)
G. Macias (ch)

March 2008

Sonata for soprano saxophone and organ

downloaded 536 times

Baden (Svizzera),
P. Koerper (sax)
L. Salzmann (org)

January 2008

Storiella Siciliana voice, reciter, clarinet, accordion, guitar, percussion and piano (Text by Lino Piscopo after Francesco Lanza)

November 2007

Psalms for soprano, mixed choir and double saxophone quartet

downloaded 433 times

Noto, 30/12/2007
B. Carré (sopr),
Coro polifonico G. De Cicco, Quartetto di sassofoni Arcadia,
Quatuor Nelligan,
G. Gioia (dir)

October 2007

Sonata flute and piano

downloaded 350 times

Palermo, 12/05/2018
G. Bonaccolta (fl),
E. Borsellino (pf)

July 2005

Corale intermezzo e finale for strings

Palermo, 30/07/2005
Orchestra dell'Accademia di Palermo,
F. Ciulla (dir)

July 2005

Suite for soprano saxophone and piano

downloaded 1238 times

read the analysis

Militello in Val di Catania, 31/08/2005
G. Brundo (sax a),
G. Campisi (pf)

November 2002

Concertino da Camera for piano and eight saxophones

downloaded 423 times

Siracusa, 06/01/2003
A. Lizio (pf),
Arcadia SaxEnsemble,
G. Gioia (dir)

May 2002

La donna nel quadro (chamber opera in one act)

November 2001

Sax & company for saxophone quartet

downloaded 731 times

July 2000

Abracadabra for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon and horn

downloaded 402 times

May 2000

Tin Box for eight saxophones

Caccamo, 20/05/2000
Arcadia SaxEnsemble,
G. Gioia (dir)

February 2000

Sonata in due movimenti for clarinet and piano

downloaded 189 times

Caccamo, 26/11/2000
G. Gioia (cl),
A. Lizio (pf)

January 2000

Simple sextet for clarinet, alto saxophone and string quartet

Napoli, 13/03/2001
G. Gioia (cl),
G. Brundo (sax a),
Quartetto Savinio

January 2000

Simple Trio for clarinet, alto saxophone and piano

Viseu (Portogallo), 23/4/2013
J. Magalhães (Sax),
C. Silva (Cl),
Aukje Sarneel (Pf)

January 2000

Contrasto for mixed choir, flute, violin, cello and harpsichord (Lyrics by Cielo d’Alcamo)

Palermo, 08/10/2000
Ensemble vocale Eufonia,
Trio Saladino,
A. Badano (clav),
F. Ciulla (dir)

October 1999

Tales for alto saxophone and sondtrack

Palermo, 16/12/1999
I. Calderone (sax a)

March 1999

Mosaici for piano four hands

Catania, 24/05/1999
K. Teriaca (pf),
A. Toscano (pf)

July 1998

Dim Lights for clarinet, alto saxophone and strings

June 1998


May 1998

Heitor for flute, violin and cello

Catania, 31/05/2001
Trio Saladino

April 1998

Parade for alto saxophone and piano

downloaded 130 times

Montedoro, 01/09/2000
G. Gioia (sax a),
A. Lizio (pf)

April 1998

Fantasia sull'inno nazionale portoghese for organ

December 1997

Once upon a time there was (fl, cl, 2 alto sax, tr, db) - Music scene for the show Mandorlinfiore

Palermo, 21/12/1997
C. Burgio (fl),
G. Gioia (cl),
I. Calderone (sax a),
R. Collura (sax a),
G. Calderone (tr),
G. Costa (cb)

December 1997

Washerhen (fl, cl, 2 alto sax, tr, db) - Music scene for the show Mandorlinfiore

Palermo, 21/12/1997
C. Burgio (fl),
G. Gioia (cl),
I. Calderone (sax a),
R. Collura (sax a),
G. Calderone (tr),
G. Costa (cb)

October 1997

Quatuor Gothique for saxophone quartet

Messina, 05/06/1999
Quartetto di sassofoni Arcadia

September 1997

Concerto for violin and orchestra

March 1997

Plaza Real for six saxophones

downloaded 517 times

Fermo, 06/09/1997

January 1997

Suite for trumper, trombone and horn

June 1996

A Present for Three for clarinet, violin and piano

downloaded 127 times

Catania, 04/07/1996
G. Mattaliano (cl),
F. Palmisano (vl),
M. Longo (pf)

June 1995

3 Lieder for soprano, clarinet and piano (lyrics by Nietzsche, Neruda, Mallarmé)

downloaded 420 times

Palermo, giugno 1995
N. Alessi (sopr.),
G. Gioia (cl),
A. Lizio (pf)

December 1993

The female tricks for clarinet and piano

Palermo, 16/12/1993
G. Mattaliano (cl),
M. Longo (pf)

November 1993

Mediterraneo for saxophone quartet

November 1993

Mediterraneo for two clarinets and two saxophones

June 1993

Simply Slow for five saxophones, piano, double bass and drums

March 1993

Piéce for alto saxophone and string quartet

March 1993

Fantasia su temi popolari brasiliani for small orchestra

February 1993

Elegia for cello

Palermo, 21/03/1993
A. Palmeri (vc)

October 1992

Trio for clarinet, cello and piano

Termini Imerese, 27/05/1993
G. Mattaliano (cl),
A. Palmeri (vc),
M. Longo (pf)

August 1992

2 Pezzi for clarinet

July 1992

2 Pezzi for piano four hands

June 1992

Capriccio for clarinet

Palermo, 21/12/1992
G. Gioia (cl)

April 1992

Sonata for clarinet and bassoon

downloaded 123 times

Palermo, 05/06/1992
G. Gioia (cl),
L. Viola (fg)

February 1992

Divertimento for clarinet, alto saxophone and string orchestra (or clarinet, alto saxophone and piano)

Chiusa Sclafani, 20/07/1996
G. Mattaliano (cl),
O. Maugeri (sax a),
Orchestra Musica Contemporanea,
G. Randazzo (dir)

June 1991

5 Divertimenti for two clarinets

downloaded 133 times

Corleone, 22/09/1995
G. Mattaliano (cl),
G. Gioia (cl)

May 1991

Quartetto for clarinet quartet

May 1990

4 pezzi for clarinet

April 1990

4 pezzi for clarinet






Beatles Suite

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)


Cartoon Festival

Saxohpone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)


Supertramp Suite

Saxophone quartet  (S;A;T;B)

Bach J.S.

Passacaglia in do min. BWV 582

Saxohpone ensemble (2S;2A;2T;1B)
Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)
2 flutes, 4 clarinets, bass clarinet (G minor)

Three fugues from well-tempered clavier

downloaded 494 times

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Passacaglia in C min. BWV 582

downloaded 457 times

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Fugue in G min. BWV 578

downloaded 551 times

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Fugue I from Art of the fugue BWV 1080

downloaded 454 times

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)
Fugue II from Art of the fugue BWV 1080

downloaded 407 times

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)
Fugue III from Art of the fugue BWV 1080

downloaded 431 times

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Ellington – Mercer - Strayhorn

Satin Doll

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Franck C.

Prélude, Fugue et Variation

downloaded 600 times

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Gershwin G.

Gershwin Suite

Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)
Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)
Piano and Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)
Tr, Trb, Asax, Tsax; Bsax

Glazunov A.

Concerto in Eb

Alto saxophone and Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)
Händel G.F.
Organ concerto in D min. op. 7 no. 4
Organ and Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)
Iturralde P.
Suite Ellénique
Piano six hands

Jobim A.C.

Three Bossa-Nova

Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)
Alto saxophone and piano
Trombone and piano

Marcello B.

Concert in C min.

Soprano saxophone and Saxophone ensemble (1S;2A;2T;1B)

Milhaud D.


Alto saxophone and Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)

Morgan Lewis

How high the moon

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Piazzolla A.


Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)
Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)


Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)
Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)


Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)


Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)
Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)
Alto saxophone and piano

Verano Porteno

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Three tangos (Adios Nonino – Tristango – Libertango)

Alto saxophone and piano

Rota N.

Rota Suite

Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)
Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)
Tr, Trb, Asax, Tsax; Bsax

Stravinskij I.

5 easy pieces

Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)


Take “A” Train

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Van Morrison


Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Villa-Lobos H.

Bachianas Brasileira No. 5

Soprano and Saxophone ensemble (3A;3T;2B)

Weill K.

Instrumental suite from Threepenny opera

Alto saxophone, clarinet (one player) and piano
Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)


Soprano and Saxophone ensemble (2S;3A;2T;1B)
Quartetto di sax (S;A;T;B)

Songs from from Threepenny opera

Soprano and Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)

Weiss – Thiele

What a wonderful world

Saxophone quartet (S;A;T;B)
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